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htmldrawable and pois freezing

Hello support,

I use wikitude sdk version 8.0.0 . I use android studio to build my app. I test the app in my Galaxy s7 edge smartphone with Oreo firmware.

The problem that i have is:

When i am trying to use Poi's and Htmldrawable the app is freezing. There are no errors in my android studio log.. nothing!

The steps that i do is:

1. Open app

2. Touch on OpenCamera Button (With location base services ON and Wifi ON)

3. I am waiting for my POI's showed up in my camera view

4. I am trying to scan a target image to show up my html local file

5. The html local file pop up for 2-3 seconds and the camera freeze

6. If i minimize the app (with the home button) after some minutes it crash

I post my traces.txt file.

NOTE 1: I use videodrawable and Imagedrawable with wt3 objects. I don't have any problem. Everything works great! The problem occurs with htmldrawable only. 

NOTE 2: If i open my camera with location base services OFF, i can use htmldrawable with success but when i switch ON the Location Base Services after some seconds if i trying to scan the imagetarget for htmldrawable the camera freeze.

Please can you help me to solve my problem? I want to use POI's GEO AR feature and HTMLdrawable at the same time. It's really really important to me!

(984 KB)

I am completely sure that the freeze was in the previous sdk version too.

Any solution? How to use POI's and HTMLdrawable without my camera freeze and my app crash.

Hi Emmanouil,

thanks for reporting this issue, unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this issue by your description. Please send a project containing only the minimal code to reproduce this issue.

Best Regards,


The poi's implementation is same with this page.

(HTML file is a simple paragraph)

I have add this code: 

b12Function: function b12FunctionFn() {

var b12Widget = new AR.HtmlDrawable({
uri: "assets/schedule/b12.html"
}, 2, {
viewportWidth: 1024,
viewportHeight: 1024,
translate: {
x: 1.4,
y: 0.4
clickThroughEnabled: true,
allowDocumentLocationChanges: false,
onDocumentLocationChanged: function onDocumentLocationChangedFn(uri) {


return b12Widget;

   createOverlays: function createOverlaysFn() {

this.targetCollectionResource = new AR.TargetCollectionResource("assets/", {
onLoaded: function() {


this.tracker = new AR.ImageTracker(this.targetCollectionResource, {
onError: function(errorMessage) {
// Create overlay for b12
b12Classroom = new AR.ImageTrackable(this.tracker, "b12", {
drawables: {

cam: null

onEnterFieldOfVision: function onEnterFieldOfVision() {

b12Classroom.drawables.addCamDrawable(World.b12Function()); // We add it

onExitFieldOfVision: function onExitFieldOfVision() {

b12Classroom.drawables.removeCamDrawable(0); // We remove it

onError: function(errorMessage) {

Hi Emmanouil,

I am still not able to reproduce this issue with the provided code in the `nativedetailscreen` sample. Did you load this js sample with our android sample app?

Best Regards,


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