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running without platform assisted tracking support

Do I need to install arcore plugin? Means when i use wikitude for android, at this time do i need to use arcore?


If you are using a phone that supports ARCore, then when you are using our SLAM feature, our engine will automatically switch to ARCore. That means that you do not have to download anything, you just need a phone that enables ARCore. For more information you can also review our blog post here and have a look at our documentation here.



Means app won't work, if mobile  does not support AR Core?

Hi Harshil,

If you are using a mobile device that does not support AR Core then, Instant Tracking will run using Wikitude's engine. If your mobile phone support AR Core, then Insant Tracking will overpass Wikitude's engine and will use AR Core instead.

Hope this is more clear for you


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