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Camera Preivew not showing up

Hi, the code in the files attached are almost copy pasted from the samples. They are actually even simpler. However, the camera preview does not show up and instead I just have a black screen with the Wikitude logo in the bottom left corner. I have given all the permissions required as well so I really am not sure why this is happening. 

The SDK version is 7.2.1 and I am currently using the Native API. Also, I am not sure if this is supposed to happen but in logcat I get this message when I start the activity containing the relevant code: Skipped x frames!  The application may be doing too much work on its main thread(x is usually between 30 and 50).

I am currently using a motorola moto g4. The samples run very nicely on it.

I am not sure how to proceed please help me:(

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If the screen stays black this sounds like something with the permissions or lifecycle handling is not done correctly. Please make sure to read the documentation very carefully, check the differences between your app and the sample app. You can also find several forum threads dealing with this 'black screen'.



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