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ARCore with Wikitude? Enabling ARCore inside Unity overrides Wikitude settings

So I'm trying to get Wikitude working with AR Core inside of Unity and I know about the SMART tracking but want to use AR Core instead.

For some reason every time I enable AR Core inside of Unity and switch to Android build platform. When I build it the camera screen turns white not see through.

It works without enabling AR core but every time I enable it it doesn't work

I'm using Unity 2018.1.1f1 with Wikitude 7.2

Has anyone successfully gotten AR Core working with Wikitude? I just want to have wikitude running in one scene and AR Core running in the other.

P.S. -  AR Kit works fine with Wikitude just not ARCore


Hi Chris,

Did you try already with our latest SDK version 8 -> this brings several improvements also with the latest ARCore version. 

Please let us know once you have tried with SDK 8.



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Hey Nicola! I wish I could use 8.0 but my project is in 7.2 :(


Also here is a more in depth post on git hub about this problem

Also I bought the SDK pro is it possible to upgrade to the PRO 3D? If so how would I go about doing this?


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Thx and greetings


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