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update to swift 4.1 for Codrova plugin


I tried your  AR Examples it works good whit Andriod but when I start to try it on ios this (see attached file) error shows to me the plugin 
need to update  to swift 4.1 (latest update swift)
would you updated before I start Subscription whit you because I need it cross-platform 



The Wikitude JS API SDK and the Wikitude Cordova Plugin both don't contain any Swift code. Because of that I don't understand where this issue actually originates from. 

You create a new, empty Cordova project and added our Plugin to it and that's when you got the above shown error?

Best regards,

Hi Ghada,

If Cordova itself supports Swift 4.1 then also our Cordova Plugin should support it. Did you upgrade already and have issues still?

Thx and greetings


yes, I upgrade and still have issues.

This happens with the latest available Cordova Extension version from our download page?

Thx and greetings


yes, I download everything from here 

npm install -g cordova.



iOS platform:

Xcode 9.4.1

Build version 9F200

this show in CLI

after Cordova info command


I still have same problem even when I start all over again. 

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