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update to swift 4.1 for Codrova plugin


I tried your  AR Examples it works good whit Andriod but when I start to try it on ios this (see attached file) error shows to me the plugin 
need to update  to swift 4.1 (latest update swift)
would you updated before I start Subscription whit you because I need it cross-platform 


Hi Ghada,

If Cordova itself supports Swift 4.1 then also our Cordova Plugin should support it. Did you upgrade already and have issues still?

Thx and greetings


yes, I upgrade and still have issues.

This happens with the latest available Cordova Extension version from our download page?

Thx and greetings


yes, I download everything from here 

npm install -g cordova.



iOS platform:

Xcode 9.4.1

Build version 9F200

this show in CLI

after Cordova info command


I still have same problem even when I start all over again. 


The Wikitude JS API SDK and the Wikitude Cordova Plugin both don't contain any Swift code. Because of that I don't understand where this issue actually originates from. 

You create a new, empty Cordova project and added our Plugin to it and that's when you got the above shown error?

Best regards,

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