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WTC Editor not working on Unity

I cant generate any WTC file with Unity WTC Editor.

When I create or add new image in it , the console always tell me "Error reading rating." After that I click "Refresh" button ,nothing new in the editor list.

Unity version: 2017.2

OS: Windows 10 64bit

(19.6 KB)

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Besides, I can not see the rating star on any image file. Just like this:


Hi, anyone can help me out? 

I have thesSame Problem with the current Version (8.0.0), Unity 2017.4f1 and Windows 10 here. Can't create new WTC Files or modify the standard ones with other targets. 

Please fix.

@Kingtem Yu you can use "old" WTC Files (Wikitude SDK 7.2 worked for me), so just create one with an older Version

@Christian Abstiens

Thanks for your reply! I'll give a shot. But where can I get an older version SDK?

They are available here:

You can also use the online targetmanager:

Good luck :)

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Cool! Thank you so much! :-)


Thank you for reporting this issue. We'll have a look and fix it as soon as possible. 

Until then, please use the Target Manager to create wtc files, as Christian mentioned.

Best regards,


Expect a fix include in the next version of the SDK around early September.

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That's a great news! Thanks for your attention :-)

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