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Can't see labels augmentations from WTO object created on Wikitude Studio

Hi Wikitude people,

I'm using Javascript Android SDK 8.0 beta, i've created a WTO file from wikitude studio with 2 objects. Each of one of this objects have augmentations (labels), when i add this file to example project in BasicObjectTracking (just copy to assets folder and rename the firetruck.wto file to test.wto) and make the app i execute the scene, this recongize my object but i can't see the text augmentations that i've created before. I can see the cones generated but not the text label augmentation from WTO file. What i have to do to see this augmentations from WTO file in my example app? maybe i'm not doing well the things but i can't find any solution for this case, i always see another objects (WT3) for augmentations different of WTO file, and not just one WTO file with the tracker and augmentations. Could you please help me?, i really appreceate this.

I've attached the wto file if these is needed.

Thank you so much

Best regards,

Sergio Ramírez

(3.47 MB)

Thank you so much for your help Nicola, i'll wait for the export function, also i'm going to try with HTML. 

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