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Measure user's finger width for ring size

Hi there,

Just starting with wikitude. Looks grate!

I think this can help me with my app requirements.

I need to be able to measure a user finger in order to get the correct size for a ring that he will buy.

So what I think about is to show a camera preview with overlay of a credit card example.

the user will but a physical credit card on the table and place his finger on the credit card.

So now we have the correct proportion for measuring his finger.

Now I need wikitude to send back a 3D measure of the finger.

See a picture to simulate it

Can it be done with wikitude?

Thank you.


(235 KB)
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Our SDK isn't optimized for measurement. If you'd work with our JS API, Native API, Unity extension, you'd be able to integrate third party libraries with our SDK via the Plugins API (this feature currently is not available for the Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin extensions).

You could then use e.g. OpenCV or any other specialized library for the measurement.



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