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Load two worlds at once?

Is there a way with the cordova sdk to load two worlds at once? For example I'm using the following code to load a single world when a open function fires.


open() {

var startupConfiguration: any = {

camera_position: "back"



function(success) {

console.log("ARchitect World loaded successfully.");


function(fail) {

console.log("Failed to load ARchitect World!");


"www/assets/wikitude/" + this.activeCreative + "/index.html",





is there a way so that single world instance has two experiences on it? For example, one for an image and one for an object?

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Hi Joe,

You can only have one 'World' / AR experience active at a time. At the moment you can't have image recognition and object recognition working simultaniously. You'd need to switch between these 2 trackers.



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