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How to deal with reflections in object tracking?

I'm able to track matte objects just fine and I am able to track reflective objects as long as they don't have reflections that change. 

I'm specifically trying to scan metal statues and reflective soda cans, is there any best practice to make sure I get a scan that's accurate for these under different lighting conditions?

Would creating an object tracker with different markers for different conditions be my best bet?

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Hi Joe,

Reflective objects are very sub-optimal for object recgontion and might not work with the needed recognition and tracking quality. The shiny areas are very hard to track and core algorithms are not optimized for shiny / changing surfaces.

You can try to generate different 'markers' as you mentined where you use the object in different lighting conditions. But please be aware that this workaround might not work as expected as well.



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