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 I have created these pins on 100 m apart and now all pins are always on same point , before, these were on different places.

Please make sure that the location is set correctly and doesn't change with the locationupdate. If the POI lcoations are near or you are further away from the locations altogether, it might be that the POI markers are very close.



I'm using this js where lat / long comes from api and based on that lat long we have dropped pin but the issue is that every time. appear content in different different lat / long.

Here is the my JS which i have created.

Can you please help me on this. In another case that images which we have used is a appear from server, as a custom pin not a static but that images some time appear and disappear automatically.

Attach screen shot of custom pin image some time this image appear and after some time it's gone.

(134 KB)


So the location of the POIs change - did you change if this has something to do with the location-update that you'll receive? Please debug and check if the locationupdates show a huge difference. 

For the disappearing Pins / POI marker - can you please share a video and also do further debugging.

Thx and greetings


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