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3D Model at GeoLocation problem


I am building a student project, which is about projecting various Buildings (3D models) at fixed locations. However, I have encountered some difficulties regarding those Buildings settings: they keep moving along with the user's camera movement, despite the fact that I used the AR.GeoLocation code.

Then, I explored your forum, found some similar threads and (according to the instructions I found in one of those) tried to firstly fetch and store user's location, then use these coordinates as for the location of my models. It didn't work either and now I face a fatal exception which has to do with my Main.Activity (null object reference, java:57). I noticed also that location service in Architect View is not initialized.

I have attached my MainActivity and JavaScript file. Could you please help me? The project runs out soon and I am in despair! Btw I have only recently got started with software development, so my skills are relatively low at that field!

Thanking you in advance!

Yeah, I forgot, my Environment is:

Wikitude SDK 7.2.1

Android Studio 3.7.1!

Main.Activity (null object reference, java:55), excuse me!

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