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WikitudeCamera doesn't support video player in part

I'm currently using the beta version of Unity plugin and I'm getting some problems when I try to play a video. 

When I build the prefab to visualize during the tracking of the target image I use a Video Player component, set the render mode to Camera far plane and select the WikitudeCamera from the hierarchy directy into the "camera" settings. After adding a Audio source my prefab it's ready to be put into the drawable block inside the Trackable but it doesn't play the video, just the sound.

BUT if I attach the prefab to the Trackable as children, when it triggers the video plays, not on the trackable location but on the coordinate I give to the video prefab.. 
How can I modify it to place it on the trackable?


If the render mode for the Video Player is set to far plane, won't that overlap with the camera view from the device? Is that the intention?

If you still have issues with this, can you please send a project that reproduces the problem to, along with a description of what expected result should be?

Thank you,


Hi Alexandru, thanks for the answer.

Yes, indeed even with camera plane set to far or near it overlap the video with the camera view. But the problem remain, because I couldn't show it "depending" from the image target.

What I tried to achieve was moving the video by moving the target, and I could do it by using a plane with video/audio player component added in it. It was simplier as I thought :)

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