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Camera FOV Formula

As far as I can tell, most mobile device manufacturers do not provide numbers for camera FOV. What is your recommended best approach for calculating this number (for the purpose of using with Wikitude) when it has not been provided for you?

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I need an answer to the same question!
I thought at the beginning to use always 34.2562 (it has been put like this in my prefab) but is not working when I modify the customCamerasetting .-.

A co-worker told me that he found the following article to be helpful. However, I would like to hear if Wikitude has an official formula for calculating this number for use with Wikitude Studio.

Hello Scott, Hello Gabriele,

could you let us know more about your use case and which of our SDK you are using. Do you want to calculate your own projection matrix or what is the missing piece in our SDK?

If you don't want to post it here, please send the information to



I am using Wikitude Studio to upload a video for object recognition. I do not have one of the listed devices, so I am prompted to enter an FOV value. I am doing this for SDK 7.

My co-worker helped me with a potential calculation, and I have now been able to obtain as high as a three star ranking, so perhaps his FOV value is pretty close to what it needs to be.

Hi Scott,

thanks for letting us know. We were thinking you want to calculate a projection matrix or something similar within the SDK and didn't come up with the idea that it's related to our upload tool.

With SDK8 we change the creation of object targets and use a image based approach. Beside the FOV problem this new process is more robust and offers more flexibility. Therefore I would strongly recommend that you give our SDK 8 beta ( a try and go with the image based recording. The final version of SDK 8 will be ready soon.

Isn't exactly the answer you where looking for but will improve the experience a lot.



is there an actual way to calcuate FOV tho? I'm using sdk 8 but i got a oneplus 6 phone which im using to test and its not in the list. Cant find any info about the FOV online either :(

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