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Issue with enabling/disabling the camera


I am using Cordova 8.0.0 and Wikitude Plugin 7.0.0 on Samsung Tab with Android 7.0.

I am using to enable and disable the camera. The application gives a message for restart and sometimes restarts itself.

For better understanding, here's what the application does:

When the application starts, all the trackers (ObjectTracker, ImageTracker, so on.) are initiated, but an overlay image is shown on the whole screen hiding the camera view. The application checks for a trigger from the server, when it gets the trigger, it removes the overlay image and users can use the application. And after a period, the overlay image is again placed on fullscreen. Since when the overlay is shown, camera and tracking functionalities are not being used, I was trying to disable the camera to save the battery usage.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Best regards,
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Hi Omair,

I do not understand what the exact issue is that you are having, please add a description to what exactly is happening. 

Does ` = false` not disable the camera or is the camera started again when a tracker is added?

Best Regards,


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