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Markers are stacked even the altitude is changed

World.placeGeoObjects  =  ClusterHelper.createClusteredPlaces(55, World.userLocation, World.markerListUnclustered);

for (var i=0; i<World.placeGeoObjects.length; i++) {
// document.getElementById("test").innerHTML += "z"+World.placeGeoObjects[i].places.length;
for (var j=0; j<World.placeGeoObjects[i].places.length; j++) {
singlePoi = World.placeGeoObjects[i].places[j];
singlePoi.altitude = j * 250;
singlePoi.location.altitude = j * 250;
World.markerList.push(new Marker(singlePoi));
this.markerObject = new AR.GeoObject(poiData.location, {

drawables: {
cam: [this.markerDrawable_idle, this.markerDrawable_selected, this.titleLabel, this.categoryLabel],
indicator: this.directionIndicatorDrawable
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Hello jacob,

I believe the issue is the phone device you are using. There are some devices that do not supply the user with the altitude variable and this is why you cannot set your POIs to different altitudes.



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