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Apple Store problem "4.2 Minimum Functionality"

We have the longer the experience that it is getting harder and harder to get the apps into the store at Apple.

We often receive error message 4.2 Minimum Functionality

4.2.1 Apps using ARKit should provide rich and integrated augmented reality experiences; merely dropping a model into an AR view or replaying animation is not enough.

We tried to explain to Apple that no ARKit is used for cloud recognition. Additionally we have added more content like:

About us - About us

Demo Marker

User's Guide


We have also tried to work with an older SDK (7.1) without any ARKit, but that was not a solution for them.

Unfortunately, Apple's answers are always vague and no concrete changes are made. 

If someone had useful tips on how to show more success with this topic, we would be pleased to hear about it.

Kind regards, DD

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