Wikitude SDK 8 beta: Unity Live Preview, Scene Recognition, Instant Targets and more

The 8th version of Wikitude’s award-winning Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) takes the next step towards more social, persistent and accurate AR experiences. SDK 8 overcomes all known limitations of time and space across platforms and devices with three new features: Scene Recognition, Instant Targets, and Extended Object Recognition. SDK 8 is opening endless opportunities for us all and can already be downloaded today.

Here are some of the key changes and features that are new in Wikitude SDK 8:

  • Instant targets - making augmented reality persistent
  • Scene Recognition – tracking LARGE objects and scenes
  • Reworked AR engine
  • Going beyond Object Recognition with Extended Object Tracking
  • Unity Live Preview
  • Introducing support for Windows

In the technical blog post here we share insights about the technical background of the key changes and features that are new in Wikitude SDK 8.

Hey :)
great work so far, thank you!
Is the current beta 8.0.0 (released 2018_06_07_15_11_21) different from the "other" beta 8.0.0 (released 2018_05_30_21_12_53)?
If yes, is there a changelog for beta releases?

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The WTC editor in Unity doesn't seem to work properly. It doesn't save when I hit apply, sometimes the apply button stays the lighted color, other times it goes grey and then when I hit play, it reverts the wtc back.

Once in awhile it does work, but this seems rare.

Also when I do get it to work, I add the image target and it looks sharp and crisp. Great. But when I hit play, it seems to add some compression or something to the image as it suddenly is blurly and not showing that nice sharp image I expected to get (the image has a lot of text, so we're wanting a sharper image).


Are there any errors printed in the console log when the WTC editor fails to apply the changes? Are you working on Windows or macOS? Which version of the Wikitude SDK and Unity are you using?

As for the second issue, are you referring to the preview that is displayed in the Scene view? That is only used for development purposes inside the editor and is not displayed to the user. It is expected to be blurry because it's extracted directly from the wtc file, where only a downsampled and compressed version is stored. This is done so that the size of the wtc file remains small, even if you add hundreds of images to it.

If you want to display the original image to the user, simply apply it to a quad and use that as a regular augmentation.

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