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How to switch Unity SDK (Wikitude 7.2 Free) to (Wikitude 8.0 Pro) mid-project without messing things up like settings etc..?

Hello! So Wikitude 8.0 just came out the other day that lets Unity users to do rapid prototyping with the webcam.

I'm using the FREE DEMO Wikitude Unity version (I think 7.2) and want to switch to the Wikitude SDK 8.0 PAID PRO version now.

How do I set this up in my current Unity project without messing things up or starting over? - This project is super important and can't mess it up.


To be even more clear:

I have Wikitude SDK 7.2 free version.

I need to switch over to Wikitude 8.0 pro version.


How do I update or re-important the SDK into my unity project and keep all my settings the same.



First of all, please note that version 8.0 is not yet the final version, so if this is a very important project, it might be worth waiting a few weeks until it goes out of beta. This way you won't have to update your project multiple times. Additionally, SDK 8.0 is a major version that unfortunately had to include some breaking changes.

Secondly, please make sure that you are using some sort of version control on your project before trying to update it. This will make it much easier to roll back a change if it doesn't work out, as well as give you an overview of the how the project was modified, so that you can check for unexpected changes.

If you still want to proceed and you have already have version control properly set up, here's how you can update the project.

  1. (Optional) Remove all sample code and assets that you don't need. All of them can be found by default under Assets/Wikitude/Samples. Removing these unnecessary files will make updating easier, since you won't have to fix compilation errors in the sample code that you don't need. After you've done this, you can try to do a build to see if everything still works as before, just to make sure something wasn't deleted by accident.
  2. Replace the contents of these folders from your project with the contents from the equivalent folder from SDK 8.0
    1. Assets/Plugins
    2. Assets/StreamingAssets/
    3. Assets/Wikitude/Dependencies
    4. Assets/Wikitude/Editor
  3. Fix any compilation errors you are getting at this point. This can come from the InputPlugins API, which changed completely, the IsPlatformAssistedTrackingSupported, error callbacks or UseLegacyScaling, which was removed. If you have any issues updating the code, please check the sample app for 8.0, which uses the new API.
  4. If you had event callbacks set in the inspector, they will probably be invalid, because the signature changed from (int errorCode, string errorMessage) to (Error error).
  5. Check the scale of your augmentations. If you were using legacy scaling before, your augmentations are probably 10x larger than they should be now.

Finally, to switch from the free license to pro, simply update the license key in the WikitudeCamera inspector.

If you have any problems during this process, please let us know.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the reply! I might just use the old version until it is out of beta.

I'm having another problem though regrading image target recognition. Here is the link 

I had to make some different image targets and re-imported the WTC in the streaming assets and they just dont work :(

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