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Maya point light export/import issue


I have an animated character lit by a single point light in maya., When I export to the encoder the light seems to be coming from the opposite direction from it's placement in the scene. The light is overpoweringly bright and the untextured unlit side of the model (the wrong side) is black, regardless of the light setting in maya.

Can you please specify the correct process for sucessfully setting up a point light in maya that will export properly to the encoder (and app) and what is the most reliable version of the FBX maya exporter?



Also it appears the light snaps to the origin in the encoder, is this right?



OK, so a directional light seems to work better than a point light....

Good morning Jim,

yes, as you've already found out, points light are currently not working properly. This is, I'm afraid, an issue of the Wikitude SDK that requires internal fixing. I don't think there's anything you can do to make it work adequately.

So using a directional light or no light source at all (which defaults to full illumination of the model) are currently your best options.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Daniel

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