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Z-index issue

Hi, I noticed that sometimes the z-index of elements is rendered uncorrectly.

E.g. object A has a z-index of 0, object B has a z-index of 1; and object A is rendered ON TOP of object B.

On the same way, object C has a z-index of -1 and is rendered on top of object A (z-index 0).

This happens with images (PNGs) but also with images on top of videos or 3D models.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks

Hi Fabrizio,

3D models are always rendered on top of any 2D content. Please refer to the JS reference:



Hi Nicola, thanks for the reply, but this happens also if both object A and B are PNG images.


If wish to display augmenattions (e.g. 2 images on top of each other) you can also work with the translate property and change the z value.



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