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Problem with Wikitude Studio Manager RESTful API

Hi all,

I tried to work with Studio API by Client Token and Manager Token which Wikitude support team sent to me.Get Target Collection is okay but i can't create new a Target Collection ( ). Server sent to me INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.

Thank you so much.


in the 'Headers-Tab' you need to set those properties:

X-Version: 3

X-Token: <manager token>

Content-Type: application/json

In the 'Body-Tab' you select 'raw' and define the JSON Object, for example:

    "name": "My first Project"

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the internal server error and it also should not occur. Instead, you should receive an error such as 'INVALID_PROPERTY' or 'HEADER_PROPERTY_INVALID'. Could you export your postman setting and send it (you can set a dummy value for the X-Token property)?

Thank you

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It's okay, thank you so much.

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