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Add Object Target

Hello Wikitude Support, 

At the moment I am still having difficulties with "Add Object Target". 

1. is it possible to upload video, which is made by programme "Blender" or "Unity"?  

2. WikitudeStudio > Add Object Target > Field of view* 
- there is no option for the newest iPhone or Model 

- There is an option "Custom" after I selected it I have to give the value between 40 and 180 ( what is it exactly about? )

3. Is there any specific Info about, how to make a good MOV or MP3 for uploading by any programme ( like Pixel, Frame etc.) ? or it must be always taken by a normal camera? 

Thanks for any help. 


Currently, in order to create an Object Target, you need to upload photos of the object. However, this will change soon and you will be able to upload a video of the object instead of photos.

For now, I suggest you have a look at the following links in order to get an idea of how Object Recognition is working.

Let me know if you need more information.


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Hi Eva, 

Thank for the answer. I will take a look at the links that you provided first and let you know afterward. 

Best regards,

Hi Eva,

Your team needs to update your documentation, because in the Tutorial: Step by step guide for creating an Object Target Collection link it says you can upload a video. This is not the case - I'm not sure if it was removed at some point, or the video linked at the bottom is from an internal build that hasn't made it out into the wild yet, but it's very misleading.




Thx for your feedback - you're right this tutorial only focuses on how to generate .wto files for SDK 7 - with SDK 8 we introduced a new process which we currently don't have a seperate How To guide yet. Please refer to the SDK documentation to get further details on how to create .wto files with SDK 8.

Thx and greetings


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