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Target/World management and AR View UI best practices


I started out developing using the Wikitude Cordova Plugin/JavaScript SDK just recently, and now I am wondering how to best deal with frequently changing sets of target images.

The problem:

Per default, there is no UI in the AR View (other than Error dialogs when there is no Internet connection) that is shown when using the offline project or the hosted version of the ARchitectWorld that can be generated in the Wikitude Studio Editor. The only way to add custom UI Elements, such as a close-button, is to edit the index.html and JavaScript-Files of the ARchitectWorld, as the AR View is always shown in its own WebView (correct me if I am wrong). 

Now, if the target collection never changed, that would not be a problem - add the UI-Elements to the generated files once (or simply write the ARchitectWorld yourself) and ship the Application with that ARchitectWorld.

However, with a large collection of frequently changing image targets that should be augmented, it is clearly not suitable to always edit the offline project each time the target collection changes and the project is exported again just to keep our own UI in the AR View.

My Questions:

How can I add my own UI Elements to the AR View and communicate with the Cordova application? Is it really the only way to edit index.html, css and JavaScript (AR.platform.sendJSONObject() ) in the frequently changing ARchitectWorld?

If it is the only way: Is there any way to automatically add UI Elements when the project is generated, so it does not have to be added to the generated project again each time it changes? (Otherwise, the hosted project, which you can't edit yourself at all, is not really an option)

How is custom UI in the AR View handled?

Thank you for your help!

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Hello Linus,

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