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Back button closes app when webpage was opened


I started out developing an augmented reality application using the Wikitude Cordova plugin/JavaScript SDK just recently, and encountered a strange back button behavior.

Usually, the back button, when pressed within the AR View (that opens when loadARchitectWorld() is called), closes the AR View and returns to the previous screen.

However, when a webpage was opened by clicking a link button in the AR View, and the back button was used to return from the Webpage to the AR View afterwards, clicking the back button in the AR View closes the App instead of just closing the AR View and returning to the previous screen. The Steps are:

1. Open AR View

2. Click a link button in the augmentation that opens a webpage (openInBrowser() )

3. Return from the browser window to the AR View using back button

4. Press back button again -> Closes App instead of just closing AR View and returning to previous screen.

Now I am wondering if you have any Idea what causes this behavior and if I am doing something wrong. I have tested it with both my own ARchitectWorld and one from the Wikitude SDK Samples from github (01-ImageTracking_3_Interactivity). I don't do anything special, I basically just call loadARchitectWorld() on click of a button.

Do you have any ideas?

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Hi Linus,

Thx for reporting this behavior. I created an internal bug report and it's scheduled for our next sprint. We will let you know once it's available in an update of our SDK/Cordova plugin.

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi Linus,

I am unable to reproduce this issue in our example app. 

If this issue is happening to you in the example app please provide some information about the device you are using. Otherwise please provide a project with the minimum amount of code to reproduce it so we can investigate further.

Best Regards,


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