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Nexus 5x Crashes when playing video in AR view

We developed an app using the wikitude SDK that uses an Imagetracker to detect 2 pages from a magazine and if found - play back a video. This works fine on most devices. However on the Nexus 5X (both with Android 8.0 and 8.1) when the image is detected and the video playback should start the app crashes immediately. 

I tried to get a log of what happens - you can find it attached to this issue. However there is too much going on so i am not sure if it helps - certainly didn't help me.

App can be downloaded from the google play store:

The PDF for image recognition is also attached.

Any clue as to why this happens?  

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Hi Markus,

we are not able to reproduce this in our example app with a VideoDrawable. Please provide us with a simple android studio project with the least amount of code to reproduce this issue.

Best Regards,


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