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Multiple animations on a single object?


If I export an animated character from Maya with joints and a bound mesh as a baked FBX (with several animations of the character in the same file one after the other) is it possible to load the single FBX file and then select which animation to play on the character at run time?

The Wikitude encoder only appears to see one animation in the FBX file and I can't see any way to specify animations in the encoder.

I'm looking at Maya's game export option where you can specify seperate animations and then export them as takes into a single FBX file, haven't got it working yet...any help much appreciated.




The game exporter (in the file menu) in Maya seems to solve the issue of separating one animation into separate takes in one FBX file.

When loading the FBX file (with several animations) into the encoder use the "group on takes" option in the Model menu (and reload model), then the takes are listed separatley and play correctly.

We've just tested this approach with the app and so far it works, one character with several animations in one WT3 file. 




Hi Jim,

I'm glad you've managed to figure things out so quickly on your own. I'm happy to confirm that selecting to "group on takes" in the 3D encoder application is the correct way to go about this.

- Daniel

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