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Image Tracking cannot using my own wtc file to recognition

I want to use my own wtc file

 Following are my steps: 

1. Submit a jpg (with three starts)file to studio 

2. Download wtc file, and put it into StreamingAssets/Wikitude

 3. Selected ExtendedTracker and change Target Collection to my own wtc file 

4. Buid app to mobile phone

 But it doesn't work After these steps, wikitude-> image tracking can only recognize the two pictures default. 

Who can tell me is there any problem with my settings? why doesn't work? thanks

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Hi Tian,

Of course you can use your own .wtc file. Just make sure that you upload it to the assets folder (which you already have) and also make sure that you update the code and any reference to your .wtc file and the targets you created inside this file.



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