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communication with ionic after loadARchitectWorld


I wonder how can i communicate with my .ts file from the examples .js of wikitude for Ionic and cordova.

after i loaded the architect world using WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld("path/snaptoscreen/index.html",["ir"]), the view loaded succesfully. but I have some functions on my .ts file i need to call from the snaptoscreen.js 

Thank you in advance.

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I'm afraid that  Wikitude cannot provide any assistance for Ionic. Not only because we  don't provide official support for it, but, more practically, because we  (as in all of the SDK developers) do not have any Ionic knowledge or  experience. The Ionic extension was developed independently by a third  party and we simply provide a download link for it.

For  technical support please reach out to the provider. You could also, if  this issue is still current, try to reproduce it in our sample app which  we provide a generation script for. So the setup process should not be  very time consuming.

Thank you for understanding

Wikitude Support Team

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