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Calibration is not working for EPSON BT-350

The problem right now is the calibration does not work as expected. There is no orange verify rectangle over the calibration image target at the end of the calibration.

There is one time, we managed to make the orange verify rectangle but it was 10 times smaller and is not aligned to the calibration image target.

Another problem is, in the calibration process, the green rectangle is in 2:3 aspect ratio and the calibration image is in 4:3 aspect ratio, there is no way that we can align 2:3 Rectangle over a 4:3 aspect ratio Image.

So, we modify the calibration script to make a 4:3 aspect ratio <div>, but it still does not work. 

I will be very thankful if anyone can provide me any kind of info. Thanks for your help.


did you try the calibration in our sample app or in your own app?

Best Regards,


We have only used the Example calibration sample in the Package embedded in our own app. We haven’t tried the sample app though.
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