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No camera access on BT-200

I have a problem accessing the camera of the Epson Moverio BT-200. I followed the instructions in the documentation on creating a project with Android Studio, but i don't get a picture in the WearableArchitectView. It stays completely black and I get an error that the Wikitude SDK tries to access the camera2 of Android, which doesn't exist on API level 15. I checked if the device is supported with the static method  WearableArchitectView.isDeviceSupported(this) in the main activity and I get false is a result. This doesn't make sense to me because the Wikitude SDK in Version 7.1.0 is compatible with the Epson Moverio BT-200.

Attached you find my Android Studio project.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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When using the Wearable SDK we never render the camera image. This is because you would see the world twice, once through the glasses and once through the camera. 

WearableArchitectView.isDeviceSupported(Context) checks if the device supports all features of the SDK which the BT-200 does not, since it is not powerful enough to do Instant- and ObjectTracking. To check for a specific feature you can use WearableArchitectView.isDeviceSupported(Context, feature bit mask).

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