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Beacons and ImageDrawables

Hi guys!,

I'm working around beacons and I would like to make the following...when the user enter to a beacon's zone automatically deploy (on the screen) some ImageDrawables with Wikitude SDK. 

Can I do that?'s like IR but without IR...the beacon replace Target. is there any event to deploy ImageDrawables and label without target, geobject or slam tracking?...

My idea is run from native code (iOS) a event for add AR with Wikitude when the user enter to a beacon's zone...

Please let me know if that is possible...



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Hi Christian,

Wikitude's SDK focuses on recognition and augmentation of any kind of targets/sceneries. For Geo use cases it just takes what it gets from the embedded application. So no matter if you use beacons or the OS' location provider, just pass location values in lat/lon/alt format and the AR scene will adjust accordingly.

We are not experts in the field of beacons, so we can't provide any details on which beacon model to use. For our SDK itself it doesn’t matter where the location data is coming from - so you’d need to implement / integrate a position solution and feed the location to our SDK.

I hope this helps


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