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Am i really missing a license key or it's just something else?

i am able to run an app with Wikitude SDK but seeing the semi-transparent watermark saying "LICENSE KEY MISSING" in red text, does that mean i am really missing a license key (even a trial key), or does it just indicating that i am using a trial version? I am not able to get the AR functionality working, it really confuses me if it's because missing license key, or just any bug written by myself.

If it means i am really missing a license key, then where can i download trail license key? Please do not tell me visit following page, i have tried so many times but there's no download link or indication at all. 



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Hello Jason,

The error you are getting shows that you are indeed missing a license key. Even if you are just testing the free trial, you still need to provide the trial license key. We have recently updated our registration and license pages so if you visit either urls ( or then you need to log in or sign up if you are not registered yet. After you log in successfully then you will be redirected to the license key where you can download the free trial license key.



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