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Android Sample apps not working

While trying to run the app i'm getting 47 compile errors similar like this:

Error:error: C:/Internal/WikitudeSDK_Android_7-2-1_2018-02-21_14-49-22/Examples/SDKExamples/plugins/src/main/cpp/jni/../lib/x86/libippicv.a(jmp_icvippiDFTGetSize_C_32fc_as.s.o): relocation R_386_GOTOFF against preemptible symbol icv_ippJumpIndexForMergedLibs cannot be used when making a shared object

version of the SDK : WikitudeSDK_Android_7-2-1

using the JS API: Yes

is happening with the sample app : Yes

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Ankur Bhat,

this is an issue with the openCV library for our face detection plugin and NDK 16 for x86 builds.

The easiest solution would be to disable the build for x86 by removing the x86 product flavor and abiFilter in the plugin and app build.gradle file.

If want to try the plugin sample on an x86 device you have to switch to NDK 14.

Best Regards,


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