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Test my wikitude studio project on my mobile app


I want use your tool for an AR app mobile with react native.

In the Wikitude Studio i have this project for test =>

What is the architectWorldURL that i must set in my app for test this project?

Can i test my project only in yuor mobile app?

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Hi Saro,

There are three ways you can work with a project you created in Studio Editor (you can find more information here)

  • Export the project and integrate it into your own app (more information here)
  • Get a shareable URL (available for subscribers only)
  • Publish the project to the Wikitude App (you need to purchase the Publish to Wikitude App subscription)

So if you want to test your project then you have to download the Wikitude App (log in using your Studio credentials and test the project using the Preview option) or export it and integrate it with your own app.



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