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Front facing landscape camera on Android not working correctly


I've encountered a weird bug that only appears on Android devices while using the front facing camera in landscape mode. This bug appears in the Camera Controls - Camera Settings sample scene. It looks as though the view frustum is mirrored across the X and Y axes. For example, if you were to point your camera at an image target at a 30 degree angle, the object would appear positioned in a way as if you were looking at the target at a -30 degree angle. It's a little hard to explain so I attached an screenshot of what I'm seeing. Has anyone else seen this? I've tried running the same scene with the same conditions on an iOS device and it behaves as expected.



Hello John,

Could you please tell me the SDK version you are testing with and the Android device as well?



I'm using Wikitude 7.2.1 on Unity 2017.3.1f1.
The Android device I'm using is an LG G6 running Android version 7.0


Hi John,

Thank you for the extra information. We are currently rewritting that part for our new SDK release, which is coming soon. Therefore, the issue will be fixed in the upcoming release and I will inform you regarding the date. 



 Sounds good! Thank you Eva!

Hi John,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page.  Please have a look at this beta version and provide feedback if everything is now working as expected.

Thx and greeting 


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