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unity image tracking to play video on augmented object

I have been using the wikitude plugin on unity to develop for android and have had a lot of success until now. I now need to use image tracker to recognize an image then display a 3D object (cube) with a video that can be played on one of the faces of the object. 

I have easily achieved this without the wikitude plugin (just unity on a windows machine) but when adding in the wikitude plugin I can no longer get the video to play. The 3D object is rendered but just changes color - does not play a video.

How do I achieve a working video player on a 3D object after image tracker renders the 3D object? 

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There is an issue at the moment with playing videos and rendering the camera on Android. We're working on fixing it and should be resolved in the next update. iOS should work fine in the current version.

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