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Unable to load Target collection resources

Hello Alex,

I am trying to load .wtc file in a cordova android based project. In the project i am loading a set of target as follows.:

this.targetCollectionResource = new AR.TargetCollectionResource("assets/", {

   onLoaded: function () {

    World.resourcesLoaded = true;


   onError: function(errorMessage) {

       console.log(" Error loading the target collection ");



I have tried all permutations but "assets/" does not get loaded at all and the "onError" function keeps getting called with no meaningful error message. 

NOTE: The assets are all in the right folder locations and are not corrupted

I have attached an alert message when the above code is executed and my folder structure.

Could you let me know what might be problem???

Also could you suggest a way to debug the code? As this piece of code does not appear in Chrome Remote debugger. It is very tough to make judgments.



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As the ticket has the status solved, I'm assuming you solved the issue on your end. If not, please change the status back to 'unsolved'. In regards to your issue: does this issue also occur when you test with the Wikitude Cordova Extension sample app? If not, please have a close look at the structure and code of the sample app togehter with the documentation.

Thx and greetings


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