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Instant tracking ARCore with geolocation

It's possible to work in conjunction with Instant Tracking based on ARCore (3D Model on Plane example), with Geolocation?

I want the objects to stay anchored in the ground,in a specific position, but with 

their position calculation based on ther lat/lon.

With only AR.GeoLocation and AR.GeoObject code, the objects perspective are weird.

The object moves with the camera and you reach it little by little until it is in its lat/lon position.

Example in this video:

I need a mix between this video, and the video above: 

 Or find out if I can get a better perspective visualization in the geolocation example. (GPS Accuracy was 3 meters only).

Thank you!!

I have the same question in my mind. 

Is it possible to combine ARCore/ARKit with the Geolocation API? Or does Wikitude handles both cases independently?


This exactly is currently not possible with our SDK.

In case you are only using a few locations and have physical access to the scene you could try to use the save/load instantTarget API (introduced in SDK 8.0). You could then load the instant target when you are getting close to the scene which you know based on GPS.

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I'm in the same situation. I have placed a 3d model with geolocation, but it moves as i move towards it....

Did you find a solution for this?

I have tested it outside with an iphone 6+...

Thank you in advance.

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