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GeoAR problems setting up location and ArchitectView

I'm trying to set up an android geo-ar app using Wikitude. With it I'm hoping to use html file to display my content using the Wikitude JS API. To initially get it working however I'm trying to do the Java code, for the location strategy and setting up the ArchitectView. I've already tried troubleshooting/debugging it myself, and got the majority sorted, but I'm no expert as it's my first time using Wikitude and Java and developing an Android App, so there's still some bits throwing errors. is the code, with specific issues in

  • Line 46 - Cannot resolve symbol 'MY_PERMISSION_ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION' and similarly in Line 48 - Cannot resolve symbol 'MY_PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION'
  • Line 50 - Cannot resolve symbol 'mLocationRequest' and Cannot resolve symbol 'mLocationCallback'
  • Line 53 - 2 lots of Cannot resolve symbol 'ErrorCallback'
  • Line 54 - Method does not override method from it's superclass when using @Override
  • Line 72 - Cannot resolve symbol 'mRequestingLocationUpdates'
  • Line 75 - Cannot resolve method 'onResume()' in locationProvider.onResume()
  • Line 81 - Cannot resolve method 'onPause()' in locationProvider.onPause()
  • Line 116 - 'LocationProvider()' is not public in android.location.LocationProvider'. Cannot be accessed from outside package
  • Line 132 - Unhandled exception: in this.architectView.Load("assets/AR.html")

I've been trying to combine bits from the Wikitude documentation/sample app(s) and the Android documentation, so these are the primary sources for this code.

Has anyone got any ideas for correcting some/all of these errors? Sorry if I should have opened multiple questions but I wasn't sure how much was maybe interlinked and being caused by the same problem.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. This is my AndroidManifest.xml in case it's needed

P.P.S. I've also posted this on Stack Overflow ( in case anyone comes across this in the future.

Hi Tim,

We strongly recommend to start wtih the sample app and try to understand the code that is used there together with a deeper check of our documentation. Also if you're new to Android/Java development - most of the errors should be resovable once you're familiar with Android and Java development and concepts (e.g. if you search for a general rule on how to solve 'Cannot resolve symbol..' - we recommend to start with Android samples and studying the documentation, as unfortunately we can't provide any Android development support.



I've been trying to use your sample app, however when I get lots of errors when I open it in Android Studio. I've sorted a lot of those errors, when I've been transferring code across to my app. I do sort of understand the logic behind what's happening, just not enough. I initially made the mistake of assuming the Wikitude JavaScript API meant I wouldn't have to use Java, however I was wrong. And I'm using Wikitude as it's the recommended one for the Optinvent ORA-2 smart glasses I'm using.

Is there any specific parts of the documentation you recommend I look at, since I've tried looking over it all (I've been stuck on this section for quite a while).

Best is to only starty copying files once you understand the concepts completely and start with the unchanged sample app and start with the setup guide in the documentation and try to understand which classes / methods are doing what. 

Also did you google the errors (e.g. Method does not override method from it's superclass when using @Override - which has nothing to do with the Wikitude SDK as such - it's more of a wrongly used concept). This is why I would also recommend to start with the Android basics.



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