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3D Model point to another 3D Model geolocated

Hi everyone, I have two geolocated 3D Models, and I want to rotate the first 3D Model (pipe.wt3) to point to the second. I'm playing with the heading parameter, and the angle between the two geolocations, but I don't get any consistent result.

I'm trying something like this:

var modelPipe = new AR.Model("assets/pipe_horizontal.wt3", { onLoaded: this.worldLoaded, scale: {x: 1, y: 1, z: 1 },
rotate: { tilt: 0.0, heading: angleBetween2Points, roll: 0.0 },
rotatesToCamera: false

Anybody knows if it's possible to orient a 3D Model to another 3D Model.

In the attached file, the yellow lines represent what I want to achieve. And the earth, the different geolocations. The idea is to link each point with a 3D Model represented by a pipe. It's only an aproximation, I know that I can't draw a line between 2 points.

(243 KB)
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