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Doubts with geolocation positions

I have a question about the location of a geopositioning element in the camera.

It's more about a perspective issue, and I do not know if I'm doing something wrong, or if that's how it should looks like.

The object that I have geopositioning is not seen in perspective at the point where it should be, and it's not a GPS issue (I think).

As I move toward the point, it moves with me until I reach its lat/lon position, and I see it right below me, so the geolocation is correct.

Is this kind of perspective problem normal? Am I doing something wrong?

I attach an image where I mark where the earth object should be.

Thank you!

Hi Carlos,

When you are working with GeoLocation features (especially in Android), you should keep in mind that there could be a deviation of some meters. One thing you could do to improve the performance is to make sure that the GPS provider you are using is accurate enough and it does not influence the results. I would recommend using GooglePlay Location Service to not rely on a manual GPS fetching approach.

I hope this helps


Hi Eva, thank you for your response.

The GPS Accuracy was 3 meters, and the point where the earth should be was more or less 30 meters away. ¿Do you think it's a GPS problem?

Anyway, I'm going to try to install a googleplay location service in the cordova project, and see if it improves the experience.

Thank you.

Hi Eva,google play location service checked. It still working in the same manner. It's not a GPS issue. The point should be represented 30 meters way.

In this video you can see it perfectly.

Any ideas?

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