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Runtime loading of different WTC files

Hi there,


We need to load different WTC files during runtime in Unity.

WTC files will be downloaded at runtime, and later loaded.

Only one wtc active at a time.


When we try to change the URL of the file (a local file) no errors are thrown and the target is not recognized.

Hi Leonardo,

Could you please tell me the SDK version you are using and the device you are testing with?




    File.Exists(MarkerPath) &&
    Camera.enabled == true &&
    WikitudeCamera.enabled == true &&
    MarkerTracker.enabled == false)
    MarkerTracker.TargetSourceType = TargetSourceType.TargetCollectionResource;
    MarkerTracker.TargetCollectionResource = new TargetCollectionResource ();
    MarkerTracker.TargetCollectionResource.TargetPath = "file://" + MarkerPath;
    MarkerTracker.TargetCollectionResource.UseCustomURL = true;
    MarkerTracker.enabled = true;


I's supposed to answer the question of Leonardo Schenkel ;)

Thanks for updating the forum and providing an answer. It is nice to see that our community is active!

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