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Studio Editor Integration


I want to ask if there is a way to use Wikitude Studio Editor in my own website by linking/integrating. My website is playing only TARGETS specifying role. But for AUGMENTATIONS specifying, I want to use Wikitude Studio Editor as it is. So is there any way to do this? Or I have to become a partner of wikitude? Or no way?

Any assistance is appreciated.


There are 3 ways to integrate the projects you have created in Studio Editor with your own app:

  • Export the project
  • Publish it in the wikitude app
  • Get a shareable hosting url

However, we do not provide a way to link Wikitude Studio Editor with your own website.



Hi Eva,

Thanks for the immediate response. Now it means I have to create something similar to the Wikitude Studio Editor for Augmentations by myself for my website.

Thanks for clearing. I have a suggestion that Wikitude should consider integration feature for its Studio Editor.

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