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Website continually requests login - although I am logged in

In less than 5-10 minutes, the website will throw me out of a project saying that I must login again; then the screen clears, and I can again edit my projects.

I logged out, opened another browser, logged in, and it still happens.

Very frustrating! 

== John ==

Hi John,

Can you please post the url of the webpage where this happens?



Sorry Eva, I haven't tried since, as it turns out I needed an app that was a little different. I was in the same browser (even tried 2 different browsers) and it was the studio app, for designing markers, as well as the documentation pages. I usually do better troubleshooting, I was pretty frazzled at the time. Sorry for that! Hope that helps, == John ==

Hi John,

Does this still happen or was this just once when you logged in to Studio. ACan you please also let me know what happened with the deocumentation page, as there is no login needed - was there the same behaviour?

Thx and greetings


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