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Develop navigation system for some location

I want to develop the application. when user select location POI in the screen >
the app will provide the user with the direction to this point.

I user radar example in wikitude example .it is nice , but i need to give user direction to the selected point.

can anyone help me? or there is an example do that?



Could you please explain in more details how exactly you want to give the user directions, in which form? For example, you want to have a pop-up window with the directions there?



I want to create navigation for some location. when the user selects POI in the AR screen. the application handles the Wikitude AR architect to give the user the direction to the destination location by appearing some arrow.   

like this example  :

please help me 

thanks alot

Hi Beshr,

Indoor navigation, to my very limited understanding of the topic, is  something that is not trivial to do. I believe there are solutions  available, but how well they work and what kind of technology they use  under the hood I cannot comment on. That, I'm afraid, you'll have to  investigate yourself. For instance, a navigation use case indoors can easily be achieved by using beacons and triangulation. So you can feed the SDK with the position of the beacons and use it to localize the user's position.

Our SDK products do not support lines at the moment, so you will need to implement the guiding functionality e.g. with dots displayed along the route on your end. We, unfortunately, don’t have any specific sample code for this.

I hope this helps


thanks for your comment, i understand that your SDK does not support drawing line direction,

First question : i want to develop application like wikitude navigation  (turn by turn) 

there is any useful document to build application by your SDK 

Second Question:

How can i execute code in android >>>after clicking on the button in (wikitude architect)   ?

Hi Beshr,

This Wikitude Drive navigation was a proof of concept project that Wikitude developed in the past and there is no documentation on how to do that.

As for your second question, I do not understand exactly what you mean. If you wish to define a onClick function for the POIs you have specified, then please take a look at the documentation section here



thanks alot

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