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Wikitude ModelAnimation in forword and reverse order

Hi I am new to wikitude the designer has given me a 3d model animation which runs in both forword and reverse order and this model also contain 7 labels. On clicking on the labels i animate the model to that time interval. Every animation has a gap of 800 milisecond. 

Now what my question is to run the animation in step by step order.Like when i click on 100 label then it should animate on that level. like wise if click on 600 label then it should animate on that level and when i click on 200 label then the reverse animation will play . Wikitude only provide play, pause, resume start and destroy method for model animation. It does not provide key frame base animation so that i can catch the key frame from wikitude javascript api and animate the model to that level.

Here is i am attatching the fbx file . please guide me how can i achive this.

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Good morning,

with the Wikitude SDK you cannot, as you've correctly found out, start an animation at a specific key frame. What you will need to do, is have two separate animations in your FBX file and load and run them sequentially; one to raise the terrain and one to lower the terrain again.

- Daniel

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