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Retrieve augmentations through REST API

Hi we have numerous Wikitude Studio projects on our account.
I can get almost all information about those through the Cloud Services REST API - getting the target collections and targets is not a problem.

What I'm struggling to get is the Augmentations that you set up in Wikitude Studio - where are these stored? Surely they should be in the metadata for each target?

But when I use the Get Target API I see no metadata property - just the following:
  "thumbnailUrl": "",
  "rating": 2,
  "fileSize": 40723,
  "name": "bottom-marker",
  "imageUrl": "",
  "type": "Image",
  "modDat": 1519031331002,
  "creDat": 1519031331002,
  "id": "5a8a94238e27431da2a403d1"


How can I extract the Augmentation JSON data for each Target using an API?

 For anyone else wondering how to do this, I found an (as yet) undocumented API which allows you to get the augmentations for a specific target:

GET /targetCollection/:tcId/target/:tId/augmentation

 Perhaps someone at Wikitude could mention if this method is going to be official in future?


Thank you for your forum-post.

We do not officially support any undocumented APIs and therefore do not recommend to use it in production because it might change in the near future. Currently, we do not have a specific timeline for publishing any API endpoints related to augmentations. We recommend to follow our release channels to get informed about latest updates.


Wikitude Support Team

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