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Wikitude sample app does not work after compile (build)


I have a silly problem with building phonegap app with the Wikitude AR plugin.

I am using PhoneGap Desktop / PhoneGap Developer App + PhoneGap Build

What I am trying to do is compile the Android T-Shirt demo app (with glowing eyes) to the APK.

First, when I test the app on the PhoneGap Developer App it works fine.Pressing the "FUN HAPPY DEMO TIME" button starts the camera and the app recognition and AR extension works perfectly.

Then I take the very same source, upload the zip file to the PhoneGap Build and the App compiles ok (without errors). After uploading it to the Android Phone (the same I used with PG developer app) the app starts, shows the title screen but pressing the button ("FUN HAPPY DEMO TIME") does not start the AR/camera recognition. There's no way to pass the initial screen.

Do I need to enable something in my phone to get the app working?

I tested in on 2 different phones (Samsung A5 and S6) with the same results.

I attach my config.xml file.

I'd be extremely grateful for any hints on this. I am pretty new to the AR subject, perhaps there's something I missed.



(4.51 KB)

Hi, I have the same issue, did you find out why it is not working this way?

Or somebody knows the solution?

Thank you

Unfortunately not. The support was most unhelpful.

I used different plugin now which worked much better.

I am sorry to hear that, than is a problem for me, too.

What plugin did you use in the end?

Thank you

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