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Offline and Online WTC


I have read this topic for limitations of a wtc. Eva has described very well in it.

So there is a little misunderstanding that what ONLINE and OFFLINE wtc generation is referring to? OFFLINE wtc with 1000 limit means it's generated with Unity? or referring to something else?

And I also want to ask that if a target collection can hold upto 50,000 images, then its wtc file generated with Wikitude Studio tatget manager for download for offline use contains the data of all 50,000 images? or only 1000 images? If it contains only 1000 images then what's the purpose of storing upto 50,000 images in a target collection?

Can we recognize all 50,000 images in a target collection at once? if yes, then only by Cloud recognition (wtc --> archive)? or also with a static wtc file generated for download?


I will try and explain a bit better the difference between offline and online wtc. The generation of an offline .wtc file is when a user generates this file through our Studio tool here. This file is what we call 'On-device Target Collection' or 'static wtc file' and it cannot hold more that 1000 images. You can recognize the images (or a better definition is actually targets) that are stored in one .wtc file with one call. For examples on how to do so please see below:

If you wish to generate a .wtc file using our Cloud services then you are referring to the online procedure that results in a Cloud Target Collection or a Cloud Archive. This is a target collection that is stored on the Wikitude server and can hold up to 50,000 targets.

I hope I have clarified things for you


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Hi Eva,

I want to thank you very much. You have clarified everything in a very outstanding manner which I want to know. You just saved my day. Now I am marking this as solved. Thank you Eva you are so nice,

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